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Trust your Body – Trust your Life
 Education in Energy Medicine designed for better health and happiness
- finding out what authenticity really means!
Seek some guidance from information that solves life’s many mismatches,
maladies and mysteries.
Professional, compassionate, confidential and trustworthy,
Beth is a teacher, counselor and mentor in this field.

Personal Assessments
A personal assessment is a comprehensive collection of information that brings to light a full range of functions within the human energy system or hidden anatomy of the spirit. Using quantitative points and references that are designed and templated to gather information, a person can gain more understanding in how they can become more integral and to move their life forward. Ideally, it is designed to familiarize a person with how they can connect to all sensations, thoughts, feelings and messages as important gateways to their perfect self-fulfilled life path that is unique to them. This awareness of self-management allows a person to attract better outcomes in their physical body and to attract their highest ideal in all other realities.
 Living authentically and accessing the complete range of energies available, leads to a healthy outcome.

Couples and Relationship Assessments
A relationship assessment provides some interesting insights into how two human beings interconnect through the analysis of the energy system. It can provide some useful tools and show strengths and advantages to gain understanding and self-empowerment over the positive or negative dynamics. 

Group Assessments
 A corporate assessment looks at the overall balance and healthy function of a larger group of people who either work under the same umbrella or have other reasons to be sharing space and resources and this can be inclusive of families.

Urgent assessments available for specific queries, due to accident, illness or lost persons.

 $150.00 for the Assessment process
$60.00 for additional counselling sessions

Mentoring Program for Energy Medicine
Offering an intensive teaching program and online learning that is affordable.

This non-certified program is composed of five sections, each taking
approximately two months to complete.
Designed for individual study or for practitioner enhancement.
Each section covers aspects of the energy body template work, assessment skills and protocols, medical terminology, study of anatomy, understanding energy, healing techniques, quizzes and assignments and much more.
Contact Beth for an interview and course outline.

$250.00 monthly for 12 months

To request more information and to talk to Beth directly,
please click contact us


Counselling, teaching and assessments done by Beth Penny are not intended to replace education or advice of your medical practitioners or any other professionals. She does not diagnose disease or guarantee outcomes but rather provides supportive information. An intuitive assessment is based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in the human body and must be handled in such a manner. The intention of such a report is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behavior using genuine knowledge of the body and intuition as an assessment tool