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"Making a life worth living" is a way to describe Beth and her passion for life.

She grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa  and then moved to the Canadian north. After going back to Cape Town for University training in the arts, she came back with the commitment to raising her children in the the beautiful rural countryside of Kootenay Lake, BC, Canada.

Wintering in Mexico more recently with a second home is evidenced in her ever changing medium and subject matter depicted in her art.  Being in natural beauty, creativity, harmony and connection are all focuses that Beth feels strongly about and has contributed to whole heartedly.

Her art, her life and her healing work resonate with emotional passion and spiritual mastery; an ever intriguing fascination. Beth’s Medical Intuitive Practice comes from a three year training that allows her to do remote viewing with confidence, gathering information that is helpful to the client evaluation work. She welcomes any inquiries.

Beth has had the opportunity to dedicate three seasons with an Alternative Cancer Clinic in Mexico. She continues now to work with clients in showing them how they can empower their lives with the changes they are able to make to be healthier, evolved human beings, more able to be integral in a world that is challenging.


“We may be entering a time of exchange where we will use our skills to make inspiring exchanges, remaining in constant flow with the synergy of attracting those very elements required for growth in perfect Divine timing. Contributing to connecting a client to their full DNA Blueprint is a wonderful way to facilitate life changing and miraculous transformations that continue to evolve well beyond time and space.”